Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum planning, education and support. Ayurvedic consultations, educations and services.


As a health practitioner, transformational coach, women’s health educator, and perinatal specialist blending ancient and modern modalities, I offer a range of services:  Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum planning, education and support.  Ayurvedic consultations, educations and services.  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition laboratory testing, results interpretation and customized health-building protocols.  Diet and lifestyle strategies to restore proper hormone balance, immune function, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous system regulation.  Private yoga and breathing instruction.  Group classes and workshops.  Emotional freedom techniques (EFT, or tapping) to address stress, pain, allergies, trauma, emotional imbalances, blocks, distractions, addictions, and much more.  Transformational coaching to help clients heal the past, show up fully alive and confident in the present, and create a healthier, happier, more powerful future.

An educator and entrepreneur at heart, I combine local and long-distance client work with writing, speaking, traveling, and leading live events.  I love organizing workshops and retreats that empower and equip women in intimate group settings.  I welcome opportunities to teach in new locations.  I speak individually or collaboratively with my identical twin sister, herself and equally passionate advocate for perinatal care and generational transformation.  With dynamism and novelty, we’ve made it our mission to share heart-centered, whole-person healing with a head-driven, hurting world.

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