A mother’s vitality is paramount so she can fully nurture her baby. Rooted in ancient traditions, Maureen is “souly” focused on holistically mothering the mother and creating empowering experience during this challenging time.

She looks at the whole picture and services mothers in the comfort of their own home. Based on the mother’s needs at the time, home visits can include a personalized combination of the following:Postnatal Planning: There’s so much that happens after birth. We will create a comprehensive plan together for an empowering experience.
Restorative Cooking, Herbs and Teas: Food is medicine. Based on your body’s needs, I prepare you nourishing meals, serve you warm lactation teas, and offer you rejuvenating herbs all while you rest with your baby.
Bodywork and Self-Care Practices: Aid your body’s healing process with Ayurveda’s ancient massage-like treatment called Abhyanga with special oils made for you. After, relax your muscles in a warm herbal bath.
Breastfeeding Support: It’s no easy feat to breastfeed. I will support you through any challenges and celebrate your victories!
Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Techniques: Experience 1-1 restorative yoga instruction and learn relaxation practices to calm your body and mind.
Coaching and Emotional Support: Being a mother can be a roller coaster and having someone to lean on can make a world of a difference.

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