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Birthing a child is a rite of passage for a woman, a transformational passage into motherhood that changes her body, brain, and capacity to love. Navigating these uncharted and emotional times demands support, likely more than you’ve needed at any other point in your life. Why? Through the process of creating a life and birthing a baby, your physiology has become extremely delicate and sensitive. Completing everyday tasks may feel monumental. Do not fret, however; this is temporary. The good news is you are supported. Your community awaits with their desire and ability to help you through this precious time—your sacred window—with ease, tenderness, and love. By the end of this six- to eight-week period, you will revel in the profound transformations through which you and your family have journeyed.

“Forty-two days for forty-two years,” is an Ayurvedic belief expressing how influential the first forty-two days postpartum are on the following forty-two years for both the birther and child: their physical health, emotional well-being, and relationships. Thus, your sacred window is the immediate forty-two days (allow some variance for each individual) following the birth of your baby. According to Ayurveda, this is a significant opportunity for a new mother to expand her love by aligning to Nature’s rhythms and offerings and mindfully connecting with her baby.

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