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My name is Jess. I'm a yoga therapist specializing in womxn’s reproductive wellness.

I work with womxn who are ready to move into deeper communication with their bodies. Many women are disconnected from their physical bodies, often due to a combination of societal and cultural expectations, traumas and losses, injuries, and chronic stress.

Those who come to me for yoga therapy have experienced difficult labor and deliveries, devastatingly lost pregnancies and infants, are having difficulties experiencing pleasurable intimacy with their partner/s, have urinary incontinence and want to feel free to live life fully and without worry or pain.

While birth trauma, sexual trauma, incontinence, and chronic stress may be common concerns among womxn in our culture, that does not mean they are normal.

Together we use the tools of yoga to cultivate body awareness, nervous system vitality, healthy breathing patterns, and engage in internal self exploration to guide you to vibrant and embodied health. So that you leave each session with a sense of attunement and harmony with your body and mind. Empowering you to move and be active in the ways you used to be or always dreamed of being. To know and love yourself fully so that you feel purposeful and empowered to live your life the way you envision it.

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