I am first and foremost a devotee of the goddess. All of my work is rooted in this spiritual center and my commitment to reving matriarchal power in humanity and through that bringing our species in harmony with Gaia.

My intention in walking with women as they become/ re-become mothers is to connect them to the innate power and wisdom that lives within their wombs. Central to that power is developing the ability to Dance. In the archetypal sense, that means being able to be both receptive and active simultaneously and in accordance to a deep communion with the universe and the Goddess herself. I offer tools and guidance to embrace the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum process as a sacred initiation full of every lesson and gift a blossoming mother needs to embody her human animal essence and to be the Wild Mother.


I am trained as a childbirth educator, birth doula, Ayurvedic postpartum doula, and prenatal yoga teacher. In essence, what I offer is medicine crafted for the different stages of becoming the Mother. More particularly that is, medicine aimed towards harnessing the portal of transformation that is this process as not just one into the Mother, but into the Wild Mother- a force that I believe is integral in the possibility of transforming our world.


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