About The Method:

The Self Study Method is an exploration of deepening embodiment and aligning, healing, and evolving body-mind-heart-soul. Each experience is a personalized collaboration and a reciprocal relationship between the guide, the client, and the stored personal, generational, and ancestral knowledge.

euni guides people into deeper self connection and exploration using photography + art coupled with facilitated depth work that ignites healing. She uses trauma-centered embodiment, tantric principles, and reiki + somatic practices to support individuals and couples. Each experience provides tools that evoke autonomy, discernment, and empowerment for those involved to lead their own healing journey.

euni focuses on the surfacing and release of personal, relational, generational, and ancestral trauma, shame, emotional pain, and oppression stored within and blocking fluidity of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras to open channels to greater love, joy, expression, enlightenment, and liberation.

In collaboration with self, source, nature, plant allies, and other licensed professionals, euni can guide one through the layers of intentionally navigating healing in a way that integrates embodiment and opening of self to experience life more fully.

Each exchange within Self Study begins with an agreement between the individual(s). Agreements are followed with solo preparation work that directs the guidance of the release they will be opening to move through.

If you’re interested in journeying in community with euni, please submit a request to begin. They will get back to you within 2 weeks to schedule a 1:1 connection video call to discuss your personal journey and help you identify the right alignment for you.

About euni:

Facilitator, Guide, Researcher, Doula, and Conduit of Healing centering the breakdown of human connection. As a guide + facilitator, euni’s greatest gift is a mirror that reflects the healer we each hold within our own self. They utilize a mix of modalities to facilitate and guide individuals, couples, families, and communities through transitional experiences and life-altering events centering intersectional trauma-informed techniques, cultural reverence, embodiment practices, and creative expression. With the belief that each person is their own greatest healer, euni seeks to empower each client with education, tools, and support for healing to navigate through the first 2 years of postpartum with greater ease and success.

Offerings + Focus:
• Ayurvedic Meal Prep for Healing + Transition
• Transitional Planning
• Postpartum Companion
• Reiki 1 Healer
• Grief, Bereavement, Loss, Abortion, and Aftercare Support
• Sexuality and Self Connection Facilitator
• Intimacy and Partnership Connection Guide
• Group Education, Healing, and Advocacy Facilitator

  • 1565 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, California 92108, United States

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