I'm here to help nurture, nourish, and restore your body, mind, and home to create your very own peaceful postpartum!


Through Upon Arrival, I take a worldly, natural approach to childbirth and the postpartum period to help my clients slow down and focus on the holistic and intuitive aspects of maternal care. I specialize in "mothering the new mother" by providing healing meals, emotional wellness & self care offerings, and calming support to gently guide her through the life-changing experience of the early postpartum period. I will do my best each day to "work myself out of the job," making sure that Upon Arrival’s postpartum care helps my clients to feel supported, comforted, well rested, well fed, and confident in their parenting abilities, intuition, and instinct - fully prepared and ready for their “new normal.” Many women plan for the birth of a baby - but what about the birth of a mother? I am a firm believer in holding space for this sacred time and keeping it as peaceful as possible. While I provide practical support and local resources, I am also trained in Ayurvedic postpartum care as well as other holistically-focused childbirth recovery practices. I specialize on utilizing the healing properties of nutritious meals with my clients, featuring warming ingredients in recipes that are designed specifically for postpartum recovery. I also arrange comfortable environments within the home to maximize relaxation, provide opportunities for rest and self-care, and creating a calming and supportive space where my clients can feel free to talk, ask questions, and learn about their unique parenting style. Feeding my clients, supporting them in shifting their mindsets to set themselves up for success, helping them to gain insight and learn to trust in their own parenting intuition, guiding them in activities designed to facilitate the processing of their experiences, and teaching them self-care practices to maximize the peace and joy they find in this sacred time are some of my favorite parts of this vocation.

Graduate of Newborn Mothers Collective; Trained Conscious Postpartum Caregiver - Sacred Window Studies; CAPPA

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